Инвестиционные предложения Пензенской области

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«Organization of confectionery products production»





Type of the place

Industrial place


Organization of confectionery products production

Final product

Сonfectionery products



OJSC «Penza Region Development Corporation»,
phone: +7(8412) 68 08 37
e-mail:  info@krpo.ru
Website:  www. krpo.ru

Favourable conditions for the investment project implementation, key competences

  • There is a cluster of confectionery in the Penza region, which includes 11 confectionery companies, 4 educational institution and financial organization;
  • Due to confectionery cluster a strong competitive position is formed on the international and national market;
  • High potential supply outside the region;
  • The favorable geographical location and developed transport infrastructure: the Penza Region is the geographical center of European part of Russia;
  • Favorable ecological situation: there aren’t harmful productions as oil production and refining, chemical industry, metallurgy;
  • Availability of specialized labor resources: educational institutions in the region produce food technologists, bakers, confectioners;
  • Highprofitability;
  • Opportunities to minimize labor costs;
  • Tax privileges and preferences are provided for project implementation;
  • Project support from the Penza Region Government.





The federal market, export


The effectiveness of the project is ensured by the presence of a confectionery cluster in the Penza region. Confectionery cluster is the manufacturers’ association of confectionery products, producing high quality products made of natural ingredients. Penza Region Confectionery cluster includes 11 confectionery companies, 4 educational institution and financial organization.
There are more than 200 confectionery companies in the Penza region.
Agriculture is one of the main specialties of the Penza region, so confectionary cluster is provided by all necessary resources. There are three sugar plants, development of the dairy manufacturing, fat and oil products on the territory of the Penza Region.
Confectionery industry is among the budget-making industries of the Penza region. The sales volume on the regional market amounted to 3.5 billion rubles in 2010. 95.5 thousand tons of confectionery were produced in 2011 (16% of VFD),which is 3.8% more than in 2010 (VFD 2.3% less).


Penza Region



Fig. 1 Production of confectionery products in 2011, thousand tons


Penza Region



Fig. 2 Comparison of confectionery products production in 2011 to 2010, %

22,9 thousand tons of confectionery products were manufactured in the Penza region during the first quarter of 2012 ( It’s 18.3% more than the same period last year). In the amount of 444,6 million rubles of confectionery products were shipped (It’s 45.6% more than the same period in 2011).
Confectionery cluster allows to optimize and implement unified system of raw materials purchasing, which significantly reduces the cost of production, allows to enter the Russian and foreign markets.

To achieve this figure is planned to implement the following measures to support the confectionery companies:

  • regional brandpromotion: "Penza confectionary house", the provision of legal services, market research, information companies, registration of intellectual property rights, the formation of the exportInstitute, the formation of an Internet portal confectioners, improving the distribution system;
  • providing grants to the newly created and existing under one year innovative companies, the compensation costs for production of innovative products;
  •  increase skills of participating enterprises clusters, training qualified staff for confectionery production;
  • attracting long-term investment in the development of industrial and innovation infrastructure;
  • establishment of communal and social infrastructure through public funding, as well as connect to networks;
  • subsidization costs for the purchase of local raw materials, subsidization % of the loan, compensation for an initial payment under a lease agreement;
  • tax privileges and preferences are provided for project implementation and etc.

The implementation of these measures will increase the production of confectionery products in the Penza region, and increase the proportion of Penza product manufacturers on the Russian market.